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2024 Review of Bovada Poker

Bovada Poker officially begun in 2011 as the US version of Bodog Poker. It operates on the long-standing, trusted BODOG network and provides most of the same services. It offers plenty of poker games to US players only, along with a slew of other casino games and betting options like sports betting and horse racing. It is a great all-in-one option for American players who want variety from their gaming site. At this moment, in April 2024, they have the most traffic of all US poker sites.

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Getting Started

Getting started on Bovada is straightforward. Their site,, offers a downloadable version for both PC and Mac along with a flash version that does not need to be installed, for players who aren’t into downloads. The Bovada Poker download version is more complete and eye-catching, but both options provide plenty of easy access to the games.


Bovada gives the new depositor a great option for maximising their money. Their bonus requires no entry code, it is simply a 100% match on funds up to $1000. Once you have deposited your money all you need to do to clear the bonus is start playing.  For every point earned by playing in money games, $1 of your bonus is released.  Rakes count continually towards your bonus total, and tournament fees give 3 points for every $1 paid, and you have 60 days available to clear your available funds.

Ongoing promotions give every player a chance to take advantage of belonging to a big gaming network. There are king-of-the-hill type tourneys, bad beat bonuses, and royal flush bonuses, among others.  This is a site where simply playing more poker in money games will give you more chances to earn more cash. For those looking for the big payouts, there are weekly 100k guaranteed tournaments, and daily 5k and 10k tourneys.


There are a plethora of games to choose from with Bovada. All your poker favorites can be found, in No-Limit and Limit formats. Texas Hold’Em has the most traffic, but you can find players for Omaha, 7-Card Stud, and more.  The site is also all-inclusive, which means you will have casino games, horse racing, and sports betting to occupy you. Plus there is a blackjack option within the software that uses your poker winnings when you play.

The software makes it easy to find just the game you want, and there are many tournaments and cash games to choose from.  An interesting feature is the inclusion of anonymous tables, where you can sit down without names or statistics, just as if you were sitting down to a new table in a casino.


Traffic on the Bovada site is limited to American players, and it is still growing its support base so the traffic is not exceptionally high.  However, the connection with the BODOG network allows for play and competition with European players as well and ensures a wide talent pool for all player levels.  Tournaments of all cash amounts run all day, every day and you will have access to a game of your choice with a little simple searching.

There is also a high volume of people using the Bovada casino and betting services, some of whom decide to sit in to play poker.  This makes for more occasional players, and can lend a more casino-like feel to the poker experience.  However if you are looking for top-tier play the high stakes games are generally full of talent.


The variety of poker types, gambling games, and sports betting make for a full spectrum of play quality.  The novice player, or the occasional gambler, can find the opponents they want, while the upper crust of poker players will be able to find plenty of challenging tables as well.  With its player base growing, big money tournaments available, and some pros already on board, the level of play can be intense.  A player of any level should be able to find the game they are looking for.


Bovada has an easy-to-use interface that allows for players to customize several aspects of their playing experience.  It is easy to sign up, deposit money, and join the game you were hoping for.  It also boasts the anonymous tables feature, along with a rabbit cam to see how the hand would have turned out, and session notes to review your play.  Other features are constantly being added, and the format and site are being refined as the community grows.  One drawback is a fairly low limit on multi-table play, only four at a time.

The site itself runs smoothly and well, and with the low table limit, so does the software.  If anything does go amiss, there is a 24 hours service line available with excellent response time, along with an email option.


Being a partner of the BODOG network, with plenty of online gaming experience, Bovada is reliable and secure when it comes to payments and bankrolls.  As always, depositing from the United States can require a little hoop-jumping, but you can rest assured that they are doing everything possible to keep your money safe.

There are a number of deposit and payout options, with some of the rapid transfers being available to the winners in as little as two days.  Some of payment option are only available for certain amounts, but Bovada will be able to accommodate players of all levels.


  • Great Introductory Bonus
  • Easy to Use
  • Quality Competition
  • Plenty of Big Money Tournaments
  • Constant Promotions


  • Only Available to American Player
  • Uncertain Player Volume


Bovada Poker is the place for any level of poker player.  High and Low stakes, Big and Small Tournaments, all kinds of games and even sports betting on the side, this site gives the American gambler everything they might want.  With a good bonus and plenty of promotions, there are lots of reasons to keep coming back to the site too.